Sep 13

Intro to me:

Me: Jimmy. 21 years old. Junior in Queens College. Enjoys Europe, Wacky Mac and listening to hits from the 60’s.

I like writing, but I love food. In this blog, I, Jimmy, avid junk food eater and mac ‘n’ cheese fanatic, will try to prepare and sample new and healthful foods and serve them to my (less than) supportive roommates. Each week I will make a healthy meal for me and my roommates and they will like it. In addition, my roommate (who will henceforth be known as Roomie Roomerson) who has decided to go vegan for 3 weeks has allowed me to record her experiences in this endeavor. In support of her lofty goals, I will cook her one vegan meal a week. Don’t worry, she can still have her soy milk.

I’m really not a healthy eater. If I could have macaroni and cheese for every meal, I would do it in a heartbeat. And then I would die. Because that’s super unhealthy. There have been days when all I’ve had was bread and peanut butter and weeks where I’d live on cereal and milk. Note: I am not homeless. And I am not {that} poor. It’s just easy as shit to make and it is the best to eat! I’m also lazier than anyone can know when it comes to preparing food. The last time I had a carrot was 1999. Sad, I know. It might be a miracle I’m still alive and well.

Here are the rules: I cannot have any cheese and pasta combination, no cereal and milk, no junk food, no nonsense. Roomie cannot have: any products derived from animals including: meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, beeswax, gelatin, and lard. Good luck Roomie.

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  1. 1 jennchen115
    2:04 am - 10-19-2011

    i loved it! from beginning to end. it was all very interesting! haha. i cannot believe you haven’t had a carrot since 1999!!! I’m also interested to hear how ur “roomie” will manage to go 3 weeks as a vegan! Now, i’m a vegetarian, and even I dont think i can ever give up egg and cheese!

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